Basement Conversions

The Problem

Converting damp basements and other spaces below ground level into dry rooms can be a cost effective and a highly rewarding way of extending a home or utilising space within an existing property. Many houses have basements, cellars and vaults that were never designed for modern living. They can suffer from rising damp and penetrating damp and even flooding, and as a result are not used to their full potential. Installing tanking systems below ground is a highly specialised operation and must be undertaken by contractors and designers who have the requisite levels of skill, understanding and experience. Failures resulting from inadequate specifications or poor workmanship can be very costly.

The Solution


Cotswold Remedial Services offers a range of Cavity Membrane Systems and tanking systems that can transform a damp basement into a dry habitable living space. Our surveyor is fully qualified having passed the 'British School Of Waterproofing' examination, and is knowledgeable in BS8102. BS8102 is the Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water from the Ground. Our surveyor will inspect your basement and discuss your needs, and inform you of the options available to transform your damp basement or cellar. The surveyor will consider firstly, the existing form of construction, secondly, the existing ground conditions, such as the height of the water table, before designing a suitable system for you. imageWe would normally recommend a Cavity Membrane System as this is normally the most reliable method. Cavity Drain Membranes utilise a studded membrane to line the walls and floors to provide a dry internal surface. The walls can then be dry lined or plastered, and the floors can be screeded or overlaid with chipboard or tongue and groove flooring. Sealed systems are used in conjunction with drainage or sump and pump where there is active water or flooding.