Condensation Control

The Problem

The most common form of unwanted dampness in buildings is water from the air that forms as condensation. Air can only hold a certain amount of water vapour – the warmer it is, the more it can hold. If there is little movement of air and if the water vapours are cooled by contact with a cold surface such as a mirror, a window or even a wall, the water vapour will turn into droplets of water. The point at which the water held in the air changes form vapour to liquid is known as the dew point

The Solution


We have a range of condensation control systems, from simple extractor ventilators, single room solutions, incorporating heat recovery ventilators, to full positive pressure ventilation systems, which displace and dilute moisture laden air and ensure air circulation within the property. It is important that the investigations into condensation are undertaken by a trained and competent surveyor who can recognise and understand the problem. imageOur fully qualified surveyor will inspect the property to identify the cause of the problems and provide a report detailing the extent of the problem, along with our recommended solution and a quotation for any proposed works. Our Condensation systems are installed with minimum disruption to the occupants. The installation is usually completed within one day and involves installing the appropriate condensation control unit, in conjunction with passive ventilators where specified. Our condensation systems utilise low energy technology to ensure minimal operating costs. An improvement in air quality will be apparent immediately following the installation and after around 48 hours.